Http2 not getting enable

Steve Wilson lists-nginx at
Sat Oct 3 13:47:10 UTC 2015

>From the limited testing I did when I enabled http2 on my sites, I found
that the few sites I used for testing were actually checking for spdy
and not http2/h2 as the next protocol.

I've had the spdy indicator plugin in chrome for a while which I believe
uses the chrome internals to check protocol usage, this was showing blue
(http2) rather than green (spdy) and clicking through to the diagnostics
page sure enough it was using http2.

Using the same tool I can see that is
using h2 protocol. Looking at the ssllabs test also shows h2 as a next
protocol too.

I suspect a lot of these "http2 test" site jumped on the bandwagon when
spdy was still the big thing, now http2 is becoming more common and
replacing spdy they need to catch up. It would be interesting to compare
a site they claim is http2 to see exactly which NPNs are available but
I've not felt like digging that deep yet.

Hopefully someone will know a site that does some real reporting for
this test which will become like ssllabs is for ssl checking.


On 03/10/2015 05:42, khav wrote:
> None of the only http2 indicators are able to detect http2 although i have
> it enable 
> Website Link :
> Full Nginx Config :
> I also did restart nginx or reload the configuration with no change at all
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