SEO gone mad...

nanaya me at
Tue Oct 13 19:47:39 UTC 2015

On Wed, Oct 14, 2015, at 04:39 AM, steve wrote:
> As can be seen from the google article, it's apparently a bad thing(tm) 
> to duplicate content for and Apparently some 
> .htaccess tweak can do a 301 redirect from one to the other, but 
> absolutely nothing that has been suggested ( or others that allegedly 
> work - like redirecting ^/(.*)/ ) does actually work with nginx, which 
> is exactly what I expected to happen.

I don't know how you can miss this which has been quoted before:

Rest assured that for your root URL specifically, is 
equivalent to and can’t be redirected even if you’re 
Chuck Norris.

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