NGINX HPACK decode failure

Jesse Wilson jesse at
Sun Oct 18 17:21:11 UTC 2015

I’m attempting to diagnose a bug report
<> against OkHttp, the HTTP/2
client for Android that I help to maintain.

Some of my users have run into problems making HTTP/2 requests against
NGINX. I believe the problem is that NGINX’s HPACK decoder can’t decode the


It fails, and reports a PROTOCOL_ERROR to the client. Instead, it should
have decoded to this:

:method: GET
:path: /rest/v1/sites/73350021/posts/60915
:scheme: https
accept-charset: utf-8
user-agent: okhttp/2.5.0

Please confirm. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the particulars of the
version of NGINX deployed on that triggers this.

– Jesse
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