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Sat Oct 24 12:23:03 UTC 2015

Debug on test environment.  If I can not access an URI of my app,  Then I can try to access uwsgi server port directly to get rid of the possibility that my nginx configuration problem.  But UWSGI processes can only start as one protocol server,  and I can not find any plugin for browsers that support the uwsgi protocol.  So I would like to deploy the app on test environment with direct http protocol.   On my test environment,  the  efficiency is not the most important.


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The WSGI protocol is more specialized and maybe more efficient than HTTP when using a compatible backend (this protocol was designed for Python).

I wonder why you would switch to HTTP instead.

B. R.

On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 4:00 AM, qhlonline <qhlonline at> wrote:

That it is, Thank you very much!

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>On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 02:59:26PM +0800, qhlonline wrote:
>> I had some problem on config nginx with uwsgi.  Finally I found 
>> that my uwsgi had chose protocol of http and Nginx use uwsgi 
>> protocol as default. So If I want to use http protocol to 
>> transport data from nginx to uwsgi, how to config ?
>To use HTTP instead of uWSGI protocol, you have to use the proxy 
>module (proxy_pass) instead of the uwsgi module (uwsgi_pass).  
>Both modules are very similar, so shouldn't have problems changing 
>your config from one to another.
>See here for details:
>Maxim Dounin
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