Join us this month at nginx.conf 2015

Andrew Hutchings ahutchings at
Thu Sep 10 08:56:47 UTC 2015

I'll also be stuffing my suitcase as much as I can with cool hardware to
play with at the Google Cloud sponsored Hackday event on the Tuesday of
the conference.

This is aimed at the developers / devops / sysadmins out there who won't
be doing our training classes. It will be a great day to hack on any
NGINX related things, chat / ask questions with our engineers and other
like-minded people in the industry.

Lunch will be provided, and of course I will have NGINX stickers for
developer laptops :)

It should be a fun, casual event and we look forward to seeing you there!

Kind Regards

On 10/09/15 00:56, Sarah Novotny wrote:
> Hi All,
> We hope that you’ll join us this month for the upcoming NGINX user conference, nginx.conf 2015, September 22-24 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. 
> There are a lot of amazing talks from people like you who are building cool shi+ with NGINX. 
> Our guest speakers at nginx.conf 2015 will help you learn how to:
> 	• Build a high-performance app architecture to support large numbers of concurrent users
> 	• Achieve zero downtime, even when you are moving apps to the cloud
> 	• Make continuous delivery faster and easier
> 	• Utilize HTTPS, web encryption, and more to protect and secure your sites and apps
> 	• Deploy and optimize containers in production
> 	• Gain deep insights into what’s happening in your environment 
> 	• Design, develop, and deploy scalable microservices architectures
> You can see the full list of speakers and topics here:
> Don’t forget about the community member discount. Please use and share this discount code to get 25% off conference tickets: NG15ORG
> See you soon in San Francisco!
> Sarah

Andrew Hutchings (LinuxJedi)
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nginx.conf 2015: Sept. 22-24, San Francisco.

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