reverse proxy + basic authentication

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Wed Sep 16 13:10:54 UTC 2015

Adding the below should remove any authentication headers in the request 
to the backend server(s).

proxy_set_header "Authorization" "";


On 15/09/2015 14:33, derp14 wrote:
> Hello,
> Please excuse me if this has been asked/solved before. I've searched an
> answer for some good hours but haven't found so i'm trying here.
> I have a website on some different server, which does not have any
> authentication. (So it loads directly the private stuff)
> I have configured nginx as a reverse proxy which is pretty clear, and 
> works
> fine.
> Is it possible to configure basic authentication in nginx as the only 
> layer
> of authentication, and if this is succesfull continue with the reverse 
> proxy
> role and load the website from a different server?
> Thank you!
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