Setting headers

Joó Ádám adam at
Fri Sep 25 14:20:41 UTC 2015


Something that long bothered me, and perhaps has already been
discussed, but I haven’t found anything on it: why is there no way to
set arbitrary headers without using an extension module? I know that
the `add_header` directive has been augmented with the `always` flag
recently, but there’s still no way to freely change headers. I
personally think this is something that one could expect from a web

My specific scenario is that I want to implement server-side
content-negotiation, by conditionally applying an XSL stylesheet and
changing the content-type accordingly. This really made me jump
through hoops using the built-in modules and in specific cases simply
broke. So I gave in and used Headers More, but now, that HTTP/2
support is out, I would like to use it, Thomes Ward’s PPA, however, is
not yet updated, because the Lua module does not build with the new
release (, so
my only option would be compiling from source, but I would prefer no
to lose the benefits of package management.

Is there any way to do this within the confines of the built-in modules?


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