Throughput with Loadbalancer

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Tue Sep 29 06:21:55 UTC 2015


I am not sure how the load balancer affect the data throughput.

For example: I have two nginx server with 1 Gps network connection.
When I configure the first server as nginx load balancer and as upstream
server and the second server only as upstream server. 

Is the second upstream server sending its data directly to the client or is
the data routed through the load balancer (first server). When all data is
routed through the first server I have only a maximum bandwith of 1 Gbps. If
the second server sends his data  directly to the client I have a maximum
bandwith of 2 Gbps. And if the second server sends its data directly to the
server, does the response data contain the ip of the second upstream

So which one is correct?

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