1.9.5 slower then 1.9.4 or 1.8.0 on static files

bbogdan nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Sep 30 04:50:25 UTC 2015

I just migrated a new customer to nginx/php-fpm and notice a considerable
delay with requests.

nginx Version 1.9.5 compiled from rpm with http/2

hosting: linode
Virtualizer: KVM

I noticed that the site was slower with an avg ttfb of ~1.1s.
Only until i got to test static assets did i discover that the time to first
byte for js/css was the same 1.1s.

Switching to nginx 1.8 bring the response time back to normal of ~0.145.

Did i stumble on a bug?

Anything i can give you guys to troubleshoot this figure out why 1.9.5. is


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