Nginx real_ip module doesn't work in some conditions

Francis Daly francis at
Sun Aug 28 08:50:43 UTC 2016

On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 04:13:23AM -0400, romkaltu wrote:

Hi there,

> Ok so it seams my mistake, everything is fine with this configuration, I

Good that you have it working.

> need extra step in backend to complete my task, as for specific example I
> needed to set option in backend server (litespeed web server) option "Use
> Client IP in Header" I must be accidentally disabled it.

Yes - if what you want is "the back-end is able to identify the IP
address of the client connecting to nginx", you don't need real_ip at all;
you just tell nginx to set a header like X-Forwarded-For, and tell your
backend to believe whatever nginx set in that header.


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