How to disable request pipelining on nginx upstream

hkahlouche nginx-forum at
Sun Aug 28 12:22:08 UTC 2016


Does anyone know a way to disable HTTP request pipelining on a same upstream
backend connection? 

Let's say we have the below upstream backend that is configured with
keepalive and no connection close: 

     upstream http_backend { 
       keepalive 10; 

     server { 
       location /http/ { 
       proxy_pass http://http_backend; 
       proxy_http_version 1.1; 
       proxy_set_header Connection ""; 

According to this configuration: NGINX sets the maximum number of 10 idle
keepalive connections to upstream servers that are preserved in the cache of
each worker process. When this number is exceeded, the least recently used
connections are closed. 

The question I have is: how can we disable NGIX to pipeline multiple HTTP
requests on the same upstream keepalive connection? 
I would like to keep the upstream keepalive but just disable pipelining.
Please let me know how we could do that. 

Thank you!

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