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Tue Dec 13 08:18:02 UTC 2016


I am using a pre-configured webserver that comes with NGINX-RTMP module (I
was having build issues even after installing all required dependencies so
I had to download a VM).

The config files are in /usr/local/nginx/conf while landing and stream
pages are in '/usr/local/nginx/html' and '/usr/local/nginx/html/stream' and
can be accessed via http://<IP-address> and http://<IP-address>/stream

I want to upload some files to be accessible so I uploaded them to
'/usr/local/nginx/html/content' directory and made changes to nginx.conf by
adding a location block within the server block in nginx.conf with root
pointed to 'html/content' as the first location block is set to root html;
I have reloaded the conf but I am getting 403 Not found error.

Please help out with this simple task. Thanks.
Note: VM is running on Centos x64 server 7.7


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