"Connection Refused" with nginx as reverse proxy

Francis Daly francis at daoine.org
Mon Feb 1 17:49:30 UTC 2016

On Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 04:24:20PM +0000, Radha Venkatesh (radvenka) wrote:

Hi there,

> And I issued the curl command like this, but I still see this error
> curl -v
> * About to connect() to port 8080 (#0)
> *   Trying
> * Adding handle: conn: 0x7ffb9c003a00
> * Adding handle: send: 0
> * Adding handle: recv: 0
> * Curl_addHandleToPipeline: length: 1
> * - Conn 0 (0x7ffb9c003a00) send_pipe: 1, recv_pipe: 0
> * Failed connect to; Connection refused
> * Closing connection 0
> curl: (7) Failed connect to; Connection refused

If the connection attempt gets to nginx, the nginx logs can show something
about it.

But it looks to me like your security system is preventing the request
getting to nginx in the first place. Check your firewall or other network
control logs to see what is happening.

> Also, my curl command with the proxy set in the command is trying to
> simulate how the real request is going to come in to the server.

nginx is not a proxy. So no request that comes to the server will involve
"curl -x" with the nginx host:port. As far as any client is concerned,
nginx is a web server.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at daoine.org

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