Prevent reverse proxy from sending range headers to source server

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Fri Feb 5 01:38:15 UTC 2016

Hello everyone!

I set up my reverse proxy to cache files stored at AWS S3. I want to
minimize the amount of traffic generated at AWS.

Many of the files are mp4s. Clients make GET requests with the range set. A
video player may get multiple chunks of a file at once.

How can I have the proxy server NOT send the client's Range header along to
AWS S3? I want the cached version to be used. The file should only be
revalidated after the set period of 30 days.

So it seems like I would need something along proxy_set_header but something
that unsets the header sent to the proxied server.

E.g. proxy_set_header Range NULL

The proxy_ignore_headers option won't take Range.

I appreciate any help.

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