Configuring Nginx OS to perform advanced web proxy function

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Mon Jun 6 13:46:51 UTC 2016


I am certainly a newbie at Nginx. We have a need to implement a web proxy which performs the following functions:

1)      Receive HTTPS SOAP transactions from 40 other source servers and receive those on ports in the range 56000-56100

2)      The port number will be mapped to a specific destination server (100 destinations)

3)      The SSL transaction should be decrypted and the HTTP header edited to alter the hostname (and remove port specifier)

4)      Pass on the SOAP transaction via SSL to the destination server selected by the port number, with NATing for the source IP port.

5)      Receive the return messages and reverse the process with them back to the originating source server.

I am told by Nginx support this can be readily done with Nginx. If anyone can provide pointers, suggestions or other help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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