Pre-compressed (gzip) HTML using fastcgi_cache?

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It sounds like a good solution to improve the performance, however, I just
read the following post by Jake Archibald (Google Chrome developer).

"Yeah, ~10% of BBC visitors don’t support gzip compression. It was higher
during the day (15-20%) but lower in the evenings and weekends (<10%).
Pretty much puts the blame in the direction of corporate proxies."

It appears that an amount of traffic would require gzip. For high traffic
websites it may not be a sufficient solution to guarantee optimal
performance. It is not a nice idea to have an aspect of an implemented
solution of which the stability and performance cannot be depended on.
Imagine a high traffic website that receives a spike in traffic after a TV
commercial. If just 5% of traffic would not support gzip, it may cause a
load that would reduce the overall performance of the website, potentially
causing a loss in revenue and user experience. Load tests may not have been
able to show the performance bottleneck, as they may not factor in gzip
support and it may not be possible to predict what amount of clients support
gzip. If a global website receives a traffic spike, it may be that for a
specific geographic area a larger percentage of users does not support gzip,
causing the server performance to fail.

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