Pre-compressed (gzip) HTML using fastcgi_cache?

Lucas Rolff lucas at
Sun Oct 30 17:51:44 UTC 2016

Well - then put fastcgi_ignore_headers Vary, make your map determine if 
the client support gzip or not, then you'll have 2 entries of 
everything, 1 gzipped and one not gzipped.

I'm not sure how much traffic we're talking about when it's about 'high 
traffic' - you'd probably want to run your proxy separately anyway, and 
then you can basically just scale out during peaks anyway.
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Lucas Rolff

seo010 wrote:
> Hi!
> It sounds like a good solution to improve the performance, however, I just
> read the following post by Jake Archibald (Google Chrome developer).
> "Yeah, ~10% of BBC visitors don’t support gzip compression. It was higher
> during the day (15-20%) but lower in the evenings and weekends (<10%).
> Pretty much puts the blame in the direction of corporate proxies."
> It appears that an amount of traffic would require gzip. For high traffic
> websites it may not be a sufficient solution to guarantee optimal
> performance. It is not a nice idea to have an aspect of an implemented
> solution of which the stability and performance cannot be depended on.
> Imagine a high traffic website that receives a spike in traffic after a TV
> commercial. If just 5% of traffic would not support gzip, it may cause a
> load that would reduce the overall performance of the website, potentially
> causing a loss in revenue and user experience. Load tests may not have been
> able to show the performance bottleneck, as they may not factor in gzip
> support and it may not be possible to predict what amount of clients support
> gzip. If a global website receives a traffic spike, it may be that for a
> specific geographic area a larger percentage of users does not support gzip,
> causing the server performance to fail.
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> Jan Jaap
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