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Tue Apr 11 08:28:54 UTC 2017


I need to develop a module which make a connexion with an external server. I
tried to use simple TCP sockets available  

in the "sys/socket.h" (Linux) library but it appears that it wasn't a good
idea as nothing was working correctly. 

Then, I searched in the source code keywords like "connection, socket" and I
found the "ngx_connection.h" file which I 

suppose, is the API to be used if I want to do an external connection.
Looking on the web for tutorials/resources using

this API I found nothing more than unanswered stackoverflow threads...

I'm pretty sure that including "sys/socket.h" into nginx is not the good
solution as it makes ugly code and broke the pipes 

system which makes nginx so fast, could you please help me to find a
solution ? 



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