Nginx - API Gateway is not forwarding the request to Auth Service

Francis Daly francis at
Thu Apr 13 23:35:58 UTC 2017

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 01:00:20AM -0400, zaidahmd wrote:

Hi there,

> > I've read your description, and I confess I'm not sure what benefit
> > auth_request within nginx gives you. It looks like your application is
> > doing its own auth check on every request anyway, so having nginx do
> > the same thing seems redundant. I'm probably missing something.
> can u please tell me the concept and usage of auth_request module. What I

My understanding is that the auth_request module is especially useful
if you want some degree of authorization, but the application you want
to protect does not implement it.

> understood from the documentation is stated
> below.""

For what it's worth, when I read the above url, the understanding I come
to does not exactly match the paragraph you write.

But that does not really matter: you have a configuration that does what
you want it to do. So what you have is good.

If you particularly want to test whether auth_request does anything
useful in your case, use a test system with the same configuration,
and remove the auth_request lines. If the effective behaviour changes,
then the lines were doing something that matters.

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