Windows 1024 Connections Limit

Igal @ igal at
Wed Apr 12 17:42:02 UTC 2017


On 4/12/2017 5:57 AM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> On Windows, nginx uses select() system call to handle connection
> events.  This syscall implies fixed-size bitmasks to pass file
> descriptors from userland to kernel and back.  Size of these
> bitmasks can be only specified during compilation, and 1024 is the
> value nginx uses for official binaries to balance between maximum
> number of connections and unneeded overhead implied by large
> bitmasks.
> It is possible to recompile nginx with different value if you need
> to, see
> On ther other hand, if you are using nginx in production I would
> recommend to consider using Unix variants instead.

Thank you very much for the explanation and recommendation,


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