Windows 1024 Connections Limit

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Thu Apr 13 07:54:34 UTC 2017

Even though using nginx on Windows goes way over my head (even for
development) and/or seing WIndows as any kind of server, I read that
Windows Vista+ support the poll (well, actually WSAPoll
system call.
Since XP may now reasonably be called something of the past, would not it
be nice to go for it? No epoll, though.
*B. R.*

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 7:42 PM, Igal @ <igal at> wrote:

> Maxim,
> On 4/12/2017 5:57 AM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
>> On Windows, nginx uses select() system call to handle connection
>> events.  This syscall implies fixed-size bitmasks to pass file
>> descriptors from userland to kernel and back.  Size of these
>> bitmasks can be only specified during compilation, and 1024 is the
>> value nginx uses for official binaries to balance between maximum
>> number of connections and unneeded overhead implied by large
>> bitmasks.
>> It is possible to recompile nginx with different value if you need
>> to, see
>> On ther other hand, if you are using nginx in production I would
>> recommend to consider using Unix variants instead.
> Thank you very much for the explanation and recommendation,
> Igal
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