AW: HTTP/2 on the Upstream

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at
Wed Apr 12 23:11:23 UTC 2017

> Please watch the clip at until
> about 36m12s where Simone Bordet, a Jetty developer, claims that
> HA Proxy is a better proxy solution than nginx because it talks
> HTTP/2 to the Upstream.

This statement is misleading.

As of now, haproxy does not support HTTP/2.

What you can do with haproxy is forward arbitrary TCP protocols, TLS
offload and NPN/ALPN negotiate whatever you like with the client. This
makes it possible to ALPN-negotiate H2 and forward whatever cleartext
TCP protocol you like. This includes HTTP/2.

Saying "Haproxy can talk HTTP/2 to the backend" is certainly wrong in
the context you are interpreting it.

The only thing missing to achieve the same thing in nginx, is afaik arbitrary
ALPN protocol negotiation with the client int the ngx_stream_ssl_module.

But that also does not make nginx HTTP/2 capable on the backend side.


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