proxy_cache and X-Accel-Redirect

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Tue Jun 27 15:49:50 UTC 2017


As I explained to francis (,275138,275163#msg-275163 ), I don't want
to cache what goes to uwsgi.

I get a request for /v/example-uri, my back-end answers with
X-accel-redirect: /nfs/file1.img (2gb).
I want nginx to copy this to a local cache (
/cache/c/29/b7f54b2df7773722d382f4809d65029c or whatever ) and serve
subsequent requests (that might be /v/example-7-uri or /v/qwoeiuqwoeiq but
get the same response X-accel-redirect: /nfs/file1.img) from the cache.


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