request_buffering gotchas?

sdizazzo nginx-forum at
Tue May 16 18:41:08 UTC 2017

Thanks for your response, Francis!

I don't have complete control over the client (coworker), but inspecting the
header, that was in fact the case.  I tried switching to using proxy_pass
and proxy_request_buffering instead of the uwsgi module, which doesn't have
quite as harsh of a limitation...

When HTTP/1.1 chunked transfer encoding is used to send the original request
body, the request body will be buffered regardless of the directive value
<i>unless HTTP/1.1 is enabled for proxying.</i>

I enabled proxy_http_version 1.1 as the docs suggest, but still no go.  I'll
keep whacking at it for a while before finding another route.  Will post
back if I come up with a working solution.

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