Why fastcgi_temp, scgi_temp, uwsgi_temp directories getting created under home dir

Prabhash Rathore prabhashrathore at gmail.com
Thu May 25 14:56:47 UTC 2017


We see following directories getting created in our home directory when we
install nginx:

- fastcgi_temp
- scgi_temp
- uwsgi_temp

Can someone please tell me what are these directories and how can I
configure nginx not to create these or create at a different location?

At first I thought these are some sort of caching directory but we don't
have caching enabled so I am hoping it has nothing to do with caching.

We are using nginx mail module with http proxy. We don't have fastcgi, scgi
and uwsgi modules so not sure why are these directories being created? Here
is our nginx config:

Other details:
nginx version: 1.7
GCC 4.4.7
OS - RHEL 6.8

Appreciate your help!
Prabhash Rathore
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