Reverse cache not working on start pages (solution founD)

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Thu Oct 12 11:26:03 UTC 2017

You are right. I didn't know what canonical url:s where, but now I know. Yes
there is in fact two servers. One server is running Apache with a website
that has maybe 10 different DNS-domains pointing to it and then there is
another server running IIS with lots of websites but usually only one
DNS-domain pointing to each of them. The IIS server has a control panel
software that enables customers to add both websites and DNS-records, so I
don't want to change the configuration in my nginx proxy every time someone
adds or changes something on that server, so there needs to be a bit of

I have very limited knowledge about how to configure and protect webservers
and the reason all this is happening now, is that the IIS server has been
hacked due to an old wordpress vulnerability in a plugin called revslider,
so I have had to do things in a bit of a hurry. When I installed nginx i
didn't know that it was revslider, so nginx didn't fix the problem, so the
server got hacked once again. I have now installed modsecurity, which seems
to have stopped the problem.

I am seriously considering using nginx plus, but it's not entirely my
decision and my colleagues are already upset over all cost surrounding the
web-servers at the moment.

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