reverse proxy https not working

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Sun Aug 26 08:19:28 UTC 2018

Which functions do not work?

Be aware some software (WordPress being a good example) doesn’t always work with reverse proxies that easy.

Could you possibly include your nginx configuration? Especially your proxy parts.

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Subject: reverse proxy https not working

Hi there.

I have a setup that almost works.

I have a handful of domains that works as they should.
Traffic as accepted and forwarded to my apache on another server (also in dmz).
I have setup certificates with certbot.
I have green (encrypted) icon on my browser when I visit my sites.

1 site is running on my green network.
When I connect to that site all seems to work.
However, certain functions fail, but only when connected via https.
If I change the setup so that port 80 is not redirected to 443, everything works as long as I stay with http.
As soon as I chenge the url to https:// some functions fail.
I have tried but cannot understand the debug log.

I don't see any hits on my firewall.

Any clues?
I will be happy to send config and logfiles, but I'm not sure exactly what to send.

Best regards

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