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Tue Dec 25 15:21:26 UTC 2018


I'm glad to announce a new release of NGINX JavaScript module (njs).

This release proceeds to extend the coverage of ECMAScript specifications.

- Added support for ES6 rest parameters syntax.
  Thanks to Alexander Pyshchev.

 : > var add = function(prev, curr) { return prev + curr }
 :   undefined
 : > function sum(...args) { return args.reduce(add) }
 :   undefined
 : > sum(1,2,3)
 :   6
 : > sum(1,2,3,4)
 :   10

- Added ES8 Object.values() and Object.entries() methods.

You can learn more about njs:

- Overview and introduction: http://nginx.org/en/docs/njs/
- Presentation: https://youtu.be/Jc_L6UffFOs

Feel free to try it and give us feedback on:

- Github: https://github.com/nginx/njs/issues
- Mailing list: http://mailman.nginx.org/mailman/listinfo/nginx-devel

Changes with njs 0.2.7                                           25 Dec 2018


    *) Feature: rest parameters syntax (destructuring is not supported).
       Thanks to Alexander Pyshchev.

    *) Feature: added Object.entries() method.

    *) Feature: added Object.values() method.

    *) Improvement: code generator refactored and simplified.

    *) Bugfix: fixed automatic semicolon insertion.

    *) Bugfix: fixed assignment expression from compound assignment.

    *) Bugfix: fixed comparison of Byte and UTF8 strings.

    *) Bugfix: fixed type of iteration variable in for-in with array 

    *) Bugfix: fixed building on paltforms without librt.

    *) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.

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