nginx latency/performance issues

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Are you running apache bench on the sam for different host? 
How big is the javascript file? What is your ab command line?
If your site is to be static published (which is a great idea)
why are you using SSL anyway?

> On 4 Jan 2018, at 6:12 PM, eFX News Development <dev at> wrote:
> Hello! Thanks for your response. I'm using apache bench for the tests, simply hitting the same static javascript file (no php). I was thinking since I'm using the same location and as long as the tests are repeatable, using remote testing would be ok and give more realistic results.
> Both apache and nginx are on the same machine, just using different IP aliases so I can connect to both via port 443. After more detective work, I think I've narrowed the problem to the aliasing. The first alias which nginx is on is slower than the second where apache is. When I placed nginx on the same ip, but different port than apache, the speed is much better. There must be some ip address priority as the nginx server is new and has zero traffic on it. This is probably out of scope, but if you have any other thoughts or advice, let me know.
> Thanks again for your help on this.
> -Ameer
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>> Depending on what and how you've measured, the difference between
>> ~128ms and ~142ms might be either non-significant, or explainable by
>> different settings, or have some other explanation. You may want
>> to elaborate a bit more on what and how you are measuring. Also,
>> you may want to measure more details to better understand where
>> the time is spent.
>> In any case, both values are larger than 100ms, and this suggests
>> that you aren't measuring local latency. Likely, most of the
>> latency is network-related, and switching servers won't help much
>> here. In particular, if you are measuring latency on real users
>> within your web application, the difference might be due to no
>> established connection and/or no cached SSL session to a separate
>> static site.
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