nginx latency/performance issues

Ameer Antar dev at
Fri Jan 5 06:24:39 UTC 2018

I'm using multiple runs with these commands:

ab -n100 <url>
ab -c20 -n100 <url>

Testing now on the same host eliminates the issue with the ip alias, so I can now see nginx running much faster for the 95kB file, (gzip is on, so it's probably less). Unfortunately, we have a embedded login form so if you don't use https, there is a warning in most browsers about this being insecure, even though it posts to a different sub-domain on https.

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>Are you running apache bench on the sam for different host?   
>How big is the javascript file? What is your ab command line?  
>If your site is to be static published (which is a great idea)  
>why are you using SSL anyway?  

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