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Subject: Re: nginx latency/performance issues
Date: 1/4/18 8:58:45 PM

>With ApacheBench on an SSL host you are likely testing your SSL   
>configuration.  Or, rather, performance of handshakes with most   
>secure ciphersuite available in your OpenSSL library.  Try   
>looking into detailed timing information provided by ApacheBench,   
>it should show that most of the time is spend in the  
>phase - which in fact means that the time is spent in SSL   
>hadshakes.  Also try using keepalive connections with "ab -k"  
>see a drammatic difference.  

Yes, using http is much faster, but I was thinking of getting stats in a real-world scenario. That's probably the wrong course in this case to compare two different servers.. eliminating the extra common bottlenecks really focuses on the difference between the two servers. I guess the more "real-world" stats might be good just to have an idea of what users may experience, but not at comparing performance.

>First of all, check if your results are statistically significant.    
>That is, take a look at the "+/-sd" column in the ApacheBench   
>detailed output.  Alternatively, run both tests at least three   
>times and compare resulting numbers using ministat(1).  

The data looks good now, with minimal deviation. Now I'm getting 36k req/s vs. ~25k req/s for apache for 20 concurrent requests. I'm pleased, but the only issue remains why remote performance is not as good except for one ip alias. If my assumption is correct, this will get better over time. For now, I'll just have to wait to find out...

Thanks again.


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