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Giacomo Arru - BETA Technologies giacomo at
Thu Jul 26 08:06:22 UTC 2018

Hi everybody, 

I recently begun using proxy with nginx (same tests were made with haproxy). 

My needs are to proxy for failover and balancing tomcat: I need to serve lots of users with production app. 

While I understood that a 100% tomcat AJP1.3 compatibility is achievable with apache httpd only and mod_jk, I successfully serve my app with apache to a simple 80 http port (cookie path already patched). So I decided to have a localhost apache httpd to proxy tomcat with AJP. IT works perfectly. 

Now, I need to proxy httpd with nginx, adding SSL with letsencrypt. I successfuly configured the proxy and everything works but uploads: if I send a file to my app, only small uploads work. 

I'd like to investigate the headers, maybe I need to transform some string but I'm a completely newbie from this point of view. 

Do you have some tips on how to investigate the problem? 


Giacomo Arru 
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