nginx -> httpd -> mod_jk -> tomcat

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Sat Jul 28 16:41:59 UTC 2018


On 26/07/2018 10:06, Giacomo Arru - BETA Technologies wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I recently begun using proxy with nginx (same tests were made with

Which one do you prefer as both are very good and have similar features.

>My needs are to proxy for failover and balancing tomcat: I need to
>serve lots of users with production app.
>While I understood that a 100% tomcat AJP1.3 compatibility is
>achievable with apache httpd only and mod_jk, I successfully serve my
>app with apache to a simple 80 http port (cookie path already
>patched). So I decided to have a localhost apache httpd to proxy tomcat
>with AJP. IT works perfectly.

For which particular feature do you need ajp?
I have used several tomcats with httpd with ajp but after some horrible
errors we switched to http connector.

In case you don't need a special feature in httpd this makes also
possible to reduce the complexity of your chain ;-)

nginx (http/https/server static files) -> tomcat

>Now, I need to proxy httpd with nginx, adding SSL with letsencrypt. I
>successfuly configured the proxy and everything works but uploads: if I
>send a file to my app, only small uploads work.
>I'd like to investigate the headers, maybe I need to transform some
>string but I'm a completely newbie from this point of view.
>Do you have some tips on how to investigate the problem?

With small you mean ~1M, that's the default setup for


>Giacomo Arru

Best regards

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