Aborting malicious requests

Jason Whittington Jason.Whittington at equifax.com
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Have you considered using something like mod_security to manage this sort of thing?

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Thank you Gary, I really appreciate you moving me in the right direction.
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Your basic idea is right, but what you want to do is use a "map." I will follow up with more details when I can pull the code off my server.

I 444 a number of services that I don't use. I have a script to find the IP addresses of those that trigger a 444 from access.log. If they come from a data center, hosting service, etc., they get on a blocking list for  my firewall. I block the entire IP space.

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Subject: Aborting malicious requests

Just a thought before I start crafting one. I am creating a location{} block with the intention of populating it with a ton of requests I want to terminate immediately with a 444 response. Before I start, I thought I’d ask to see if anyone has a really good one I can use as a base.

For example, we don’t serve PHP so I’m starting with
Location ~* .php {
Return 444;

Then I can just include this into all my server blocks so I can manage the aborts all in one place. This alone reduces errors in the logs significantly. But now I will have to start adding in all the wordpress stuff, then onto php myadmin, etc. I will end up with something like

Location ~* (.php|wp-admin|my-admin) {
Return 444;

I can imagine the chunk inside the parenthesis is going to be pretty huge which is why I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone has one  already.


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