Throttle based on ETA time?

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Sat Nov 17 09:15:51 UTC 2018

Any reason to have a 10 minute timeout?

> On 17 Nov 2018, at 02:18, lem0nhead <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a particular use-case for a nginx server which is used for
> downloading big files (1-3 GBs).
> Services call this server and start downloading, which usually takes ~2
> minutes @ 1gbps server connection and 10 concurrent clients.
> Let's say I want to have a 10min timeout for this download (if it doesn't
> work, I will just retry at another time).
> Now I see 2 possible bad scenarios:
> 1) I get a lot of simultaneous connections (~100), the download time
> skyrocket and ALL of them fails;
> 2) I have just 10 connections (usual operation) but the latency increases
> and the connection speed effectively drops to 100mbps. Again the download
> time will skyrocket and ALL of them will fail.
> The first one is easy: I can just limit the amount of concurrent clients to
> a number that ensures my network can support them when working properly.
> But the second one is trickier. The solution I can see something like
> starting to drop 5% of the clients (newest first) each 20 seconds that the
> ETA is over 8 minutes (so we have a margin until 10 minutes is reached).
> Accidentally this would probably also solve the first scenario so I wouldn't
> need to configure nginx in respect to the server it's running on; it would
> be agnostic to it.
> Do you think that could be a good solution? Any hints if I can find some
> module that does that or something similar that I can use as inspiration to
> write my own?

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