Dmitry Volyntsev xeioex at
Wed Nov 28 14:31:20 UTC 2018

On 28.11.2018 3:21, chadhasumit13 wrote:
> Hi, I intend to generate a unique id (by making use of npm uuid ) and make
> an external call to an HTTP end-point, whenever a new call is received by
> Is it possible to use nginscript for this purpose?
> If yes, could you please route me to a good example by means of which I can
> fulfil the above-mentioned requirement.

Hi chadhasumit13,

Could you please clarify more what are you trying to do?

1) In general, if you simply need a unique id (not necessarily uuid), it 
is better and easier to use request_id variable 

you can access $request_id variable by


> external call to an HTTP end-point

2) You can use subrequest method 

You can find some examples with it here:

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