Web and Mail Proxy Server Configuration

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Thu Oct 4 02:17:55 UTC 2018

Hi All,

All our outside users uses OWA, OA and ActiveSync. These users will connect
to my internal Exchange 2010 via RPC over HTTPS.One Example, Users will
access OWA by mail.example.com/owa and this should proxy to internal
exchange 2010 server exch01.example.com.

All my previous nginx.conf config, i had create "mail" context. Probably i
was confused as that mail context is for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocol.So for
my case, i still have to use HTTP context and add directive for my Web
server page and also to mail proxy any request mail.example.com/owa to my
internal exchange server.The same should go for my other users access OA and

Am i correct?
Any help on nginx config for my scenario?

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