[nginx-user] Please add [nginx] to subject

Stefan Müller stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 08:16:22 UTC 2018


Is it possible to configure this list to automatically prepend [nginx] 
to the subject line?  I feel like I miss messages sometimes because I 
don't realize it's from the list!
I subscribe to several different mailing lists and the**only mailing 
list that wasn't already putting the mailing list title in the Subject 
line was nginx.

Sure /nginx at nginx.org/ is fine for actively filtering, or for putting 
everything into another folder, but every other mailing list I'm on tags 
the list name in the subject.  I'm missing messages because they're too 
easy to ignore without the word 'nginx' in the subject.
If you subscribe to several mailing lists you may want to know which 
email comes from which lists at a glance. So you can easier priorities 
which to read now and which later.
Sorting emails to separate folders depending on the source does have 
some advantages, but personally I find it considerably more convenient 
to categorize by folder after reading new emails, not before.

thank you


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