[nginx] Please add [nginx] to subject

Matthew VK3EVL hitman at itglowz.com
Sun Oct 14 19:59:42 UTC 2018

+1. Prepend would make it so much easier.

> On 15 Oct 2018, at 06:14, Stefan Müller <stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hallo,
> getting a separate email per mailing list gets messy, as there are to many.
> Currently I'm subscribed to some mailing lists covering similar things compared with nginx. If all of them would work without a prepend [list title] it would be a mess to distinguish them and focus on them which are currently important.
> When I open an email app or get email notification, the notification focuses on the subject, so I have to open the mail to know to which list it belongs to.
> A year ago there was the same discussion on digikam-users at kde.org, resulting in a prepend [digiKam-users]. It could be a bit shorter but it enables me to see what email is digikam related at a glance and the remaining space for the subject title gives me enough context to decided if I shall read or delete it. I'm doing that on a mid class phone.  
> [nginx] would be enough instead of [nginx-user], as nearly any mailing list do. 
> thank you
> Stefan
>> On 13.10.2018 11:57, Ralph Seichter wrote:
>>> On 13.10.18 10:16, Stefan Müller wrote:
>>> Sure /nginx at nginx.org/ is fine for actively filtering, or for putting
>>> everything into another folder, but every other mailing list I'm on
>>> tags the list name in the subject.
>> Then you are not subscribed the right mailing lists. ;-)
>> Seriously, this discussion is almost as old as mailing lists. Rewriting
>> the subject adds clutter, messes with some MUAs, wastes screen estate on
>> devices with small screens (e.g. smartphones), and breaks DKIM.
>> Filtering by the existing "List-Id" header works just fine. Also, you
>> can use address extensions with your Google Mail (and many others),
>> meaning that you can have your mailing list messages automatically
>> filtered/labelled properly. Look at my address in this message, it
>> uses "+nginx" as an extension.
>> -Ralph
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