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Stefan Mueller stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 10:35:00 UTC 2018

In answer to Ralph's reply.
That is a very Gmail specific solution but, thanks god, not anyone is using
For them it needs other solutions.
Anyway we should not focus on labeling / filtering what should possible in
any email application but I cannot tell how much effort is needed to make
it, it could be a real hassle.

My main goal is to improve readability of my inbox. Besides being
subscribed to mailing lists also member of a dozen discourse forums, what
can be abused as mailing lists as well.
If each of them wouldn't use some kind of prepend label my inbox and the
the one of many others would be cluttered.
Thanks to the label I see at a glance which list emailed me.
The label can be easily incorporated in the subject. Making it part of the
sentence is feasible.


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Le dim. 14 oct. 2018 à 21:59, Matthew VK3EVL <hitman at itglowz.com> a écrit :

> +1. Prepend would make it so much easier.
> On 15 Oct 2018, at 06:14, Stefan Müller <stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hallo,
> getting a separate email per mailing list gets messy, as there are to many.
> Currently I'm subscribed to some mailing lists covering similar things
> compared with nginx. If all of them would work without a prepend [*list
> title*] it would be a mess to distinguish them and focus on them which
> are currently important.
> When I open an email app or get email notification, the notification
> focuses on the subject, so I have to open the mail to know to which list it
> belongs to.
> A year ago there was the same discussion on digikam-users at kde.org,
> resulting in a prepend [digiKam-users]. It could be a bit shorter but it
> enables me to see what email is digikam related at a glance and the
> remaining space for the subject title gives me enough context to decided if
> I shall read or delete it. I'm doing that on a mid class phone.
> [nginx] would be enough instead of [nginx-user], as nearly any mailing
> list do.
> thank you
> Stefan
> On 13.10.2018 11:57, Ralph Seichter wrote:
> On 13.10.18 10:16, Stefan Müller wrote:
> Sure /nginx at nginx.org/ is fine for actively filtering, or for putting
> everything into another folder, but every other mailing list I'm on
> tags the list name in the subject.
> Then you are not subscribed the right mailing lists. ;-)
> Seriously, this discussion is almost as old as mailing lists. Rewriting
> the subject adds clutter, messes with some MUAs, wastes screen estate on
> devices with small screens (e.g. smartphones), and breaks DKIM.
> Filtering by the existing "List-Id" header works just fine. Also, you
> can use address extensions with your Google Mail (and many others),
> meaning that you can have your mailing list messages automatically
> filtered/labelled properly. Look at my address in this message, it
> uses "+nginx" as an extension.
> -Ralph
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