Please DO NOT add [nginx] to subject

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Might be important to mention that services such as exchange doesn’t support subaddressing, so it’s a bit harder there :)

With that said, I’d love [nginx] in the header, regardless if it breaks DKIM or similar, I have mailing lists whitelisted anyway for that exact reason, because there’s already plenty of lists that break DKIM or SPF for that matter.

In my case, I don’t filter on mailing lists and put them in specific directories, they all end up in my inbox, and I click through them, if the subject interests me - and I see the email of the list, and know which list it’s from.

Additionally, I know most common names that post on the mailing list, so it’s easy to see which list it comes from ^_^

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why not accept the advice you have been offered?

I read up on email extension on Gizmodo<> and Wikipedia<> and I'm very familiar with filtering and labeling (all list based mails are labeled automatically) but I still believe that a adding [nginx] would make the situation more comfortable.

You have no case

My case is that when I open my email application on a phone or desktop occasionally throughout the day I want to see what I've got today at a glance without the need clicking / tabbing into sub folders. I open the app see what I came in and decide if it is important or can it be done later. In order to make this decision quicker a label in the subject would improve it enormously as you focus only on the subject during such actions.

Anyone else what to share her/his thoughts bedsides me and Ralph?

On 15.10.2018 15:16, Ralph Seichter wrote:

On 15.10.18 14:59, Stefan Müller wrote:

but is seems others do or at least agree with me

So what if "others" agree with you? People agree with me as well, check
existing discussions about this issue.

If you challenge conventions that have been around for good reason, for
longer than some mailing list subscribers lived on this fair planet, you
better make a damn good case of it, based on evidence and not on your
limited personal experience in this particular matter (which is not
something to be ashamed of, just a learning opportunity). You have no
case, so why not accept the advice you have been offered?

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