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Wed Dec 11 12:42:26 UTC 2019

Hi at all,

first of all a "hello" to the round. I am new here :-)

I want to set up NGINX on my firewall/router (IPFire). But only as reverse
proxy. There are no websites running on the IPFire.

The IP-Fire has a fixed IP on the WAN interface and can be reached from the

LAN: 192.168.xx.254

Behind the firewall, i.e. in the LAN, there are several web servers each
running on the same port (80) but on different physical servers:

LAN: 192.168.xx.5

LAN: 192.168.xx.6

Furthermore I have an external, official domain ( On the
external root server I have created two subdomains which I redirect to the
IPFire's fixed IP: -> ->

NGINX on the IPfire should now forward all requests directed to to the server 192.168.xx.5 (and turück)

and requests addressed to to LAN: 192.168.xx.6

As far as I know the header has to be rewritten so that the remote client
thinks it is communicating with and not with 192.168.xx.y.

I tried for hours yesterday to get this with examples from the internet but
nothing worked.

Does this work at all? Can anyone help me?

best regards

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