Using Public IP for NGINX server

Jeffrey Gilgenbach jeffreyg at
Fri Feb 1 00:00:37 UTC 2019

I am currently evaluating migrating my current BIGIP configuration to NGINX.  I'm completely aware that not all configuration will translate 1:1, however I am looking to see if anyone has suggestions where I am stuck and if it's possible to do.

I currently have a routable network setup between my edge router and my NGINX server, we'll say it's  My edge router has a static route for one of my public IP's to my NGINX server IP  On my NGINX server, I want to assign this public IP to a listen directive under a server context for load balancing a few web servers upstream.  On F5, I could SNAT this IP using the routing network I created between my edge router and the F5.  I'm not sure if using iptables is necessary or if I need to add the public IP as a virtual interface on the routing network?  Just a bit lost and could use some direction if anyone has any suggestions.


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