nginx reverse proxy question

Thomas Schmiedl thomas.schmiedl at
Wed Feb 13 15:14:17 UTC 2019

I use the xupnpd2 mediaserver ( on
my router to transfer some HLS-streams to my TV. xupnpd2 doesn't support
https (the author doesn't want add https support and I'm not a
developer). I try to receive HLS-streams from this site:, which only supports https.

My idea is to use nginx as reverse proxy in this scenario on the router:
xupnpd2 (client) <---> http-traffic <---> nginx reverse proxy <--->
https-traffic <---> (server)

xupnpd2 should receive the playlist (.m3u8) and the media-chunks (.ts)
locally via nginx over http.

The websites (eg. contain the
playlist-url in the "source"-html-element. The url must be extended by
"360/index.m3u8" or "720/index.m3u8", e.g.

Thanks for your help and best regards,

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