set up TLS/ DTLS terminations for TCP/UDP connections

Maxim Konovalov maxim at
Fri Jan 11 14:02:33 UTC 2019

Hi Pietro,

On 11/01/2019 16:46, pietdinu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to set up TLS/ DTLS terminations for TCP/UDP connections. 
> The Ingress should be the solution to expose our services via TCP/UDP
> connections with TLS/ DTLS terminations. 
> I'm  using nginx version: 1.15.3
> Is it possible to set up TLS/DTLS terminations for TCP/UDP connections?
It is possible to do TLS termination for TCP traffic.  You can find
more information on this topic here:

The documentation is for nginx-plus but there is no difference here
with nginx.

For UDP the situation is cumbersome.

We had a experimental patch for that while ago

but failed to found any real use cases therefore we stopped maintain
it. The second patch should work with nginx-1.13.9 though.

We'll be grateful for more information about your specific usage,
brief overview, what kind of backends you use etc.



Maxim Konovalov

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