OWIN Server Error

petrosetta nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Mon Jan 21 18:21:34 UTC 2019

Thanks so much for replying. OWIN is on a separate box from NGINX. Below is
my traffic flow.

Internet------->Sonicwall------------(forward port
443)-------------------------------------->NGINX---------->IIS with OWIN

OWIN listens on ports 80 and 443 I believe. Our developers did the site. It
has a legitimate certificate installed also.

They both listen on the physical NIC yes. Also yes I want to do SSL
termination and HTTP/2 with nginx and proxy everything to OWIN/IIS. When I
expose the site on the internet it works fine but when I put it (logically)
behind NGINX, I get the error. The site still comes up even when behind
NGINX but the error happens when I try to log in. Keeps saying Invalid login
attempt. Not sure how to use curl to log into a site but I will look it up.

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