PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR after kernel update

Ken Wright wizard at
Sun Oct 6 21:03:51 UTC 2019

Okay, after checking per Francis' suggestion I found the problem:  I was
able to add the ssl_certificates to the active server and now...

I'm getting a different error.

This one, however, I don't think is an nginx error.  When I point my
browser to my website, I get a "The page isn't redirecting properly"
message.  I'm going to contact my registrar and see what's going on now.

Francis, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


On 10/6/19 7:21 AM, Francis Daly wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 05, 2019 at 10:09:28PM -0400, Ken Wright wrote:
>> On 10/4/19 10:19 AM, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
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