Nginx pre-configured test environment with all scenarios

J.R. themadbeaker at
Sun Jul 5 16:22:07 UTC 2020

> I am assessing the capabilities and doing a POC on Nignx integration as
> reverse proxy. Are there any pre-configured image with all the protocols and
> the necessary clients to test and demo the capabilities of Nignx or Nignx
> plus? Doing a self-assessment with all the necessary setup on my local
> machine takes a lot of time to come to a conclusion.

Installing nginx includes a basic configuration, however due to every
case being different there is no "generic" template that I know of for
instant operation in the scope you are looking for.

> Also is there any technical support team who can review our
> use-cases/requirements and give a feedback, whether it is possible on
> Nginx?

Probably best to contact the commercial nginx sales department directly?

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