Nginx pre-configured test environment with all scenarios

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Mon Jul 6 03:18:34 UTC 2020

Why are you doing an nginx POC? 

To be blunt, nginx is the most powerful, flexible web server/reverse proxy/application delivery software product that exists. If it has an obvious competitor it’s the F5 BigIP LTM/WAF device - and F5 owns nginx. So what does this mean? It means that if you don’t have hands on experience with these two products then you cant really appreciate what is possible  from a best of breed web server / reverse proxy. I’m not trying to be a d1ck, but to be honest. Here’s an analogy - if I were a very rich person (I’m not) and I wanted to buy a Bugatti Veyron and I rolled up to a Bugatti dealer and asked for a test drive the dealer would laugh at me. People buy super cars sight unseen because they know they are super cars. In the same way, if you need a reverse proxy Then nginx is what you need. It’s that simple. I don’t work for nginx, I’m not an obsessive fanboy- just a realist.

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> On Jul 5, 2020, at 12:22 PM, J.R. <themadbeaker at> wrote:
>> I am assessing the capabilities and doing a POC on Nignx integration as
>> reverse proxy. Are there any pre-configured image with all the protocols and
>> the necessary clients to test and demo the capabilities of Nignx or Nignx
>> plus? Doing a self-assessment with all the necessary setup on my local
>> machine takes a lot of time to come to a conclusion.
> Installing nginx includes a basic configuration, however due to every
> case being different there is no "generic" template that I know of for
> instant operation in the scope you are looking for.
>> Also is there any technical support team who can review our
>> use-cases/requirements and give a feedback, whether it is possible on
>> Nginx?
> Probably best to contact the commercial nginx sales department directly?
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