Some Questions about NGINX and F5

leeahaddad nginx-forum at
Mon Nov 16 17:20:31 UTC 2020

1) How does NGINX fit with F5 legacy solutions? For example, and I may be
wrong certain functions in BIG-IP seem to overlap some of the functions of
NGINX? Is it that BIG-IP is “more heavy duty?”
2) What happened with Heylu? I am not even sure what “Heylu” was supposed to
be. Any clarity on this?
3) I do not understand so well how NGINX and Docker work together – are they
complementary? I read a lot of material and saw videos, but I think I am
missing something that a quick discussion would help me get it. I think my
lack of understanding is also with Kubernetes vs Docker swarm topic.
I know there is something really exciting and big with NGINX and its
combination with F5 but I need some color to move my imagination into the

Lee Haddad

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